Ari Ephraim Feldman, Journalist


I am a staff writer for the Forward, the nonprofit Jewish news outlet. I’ve covered sexual abuse and misconduct, politics at every level, Hasidic expansion, anti-Semitism, identity and representation, health and education. 

Now based in Manhattan, though born and raised in the midwest. 

I graduated with honors from the University of Chicago, where I wrote for the wonderful and groundbreaking South Side Weekly. 

Got tips? Contact me at ariephraimfeldman(at)gmail(dot)com, or via the encrypted messaging app Signal, at 862 239 4949. 


Scoops, features and investigations

Stanley Rosenfeld spent nearly fifty years teaching Jewish children – and admitted to molesting hundreds. Forward, August 2018

How a big-hearted insurance magnate doomed his legacy project: the world’s only pluralistic Jewish boarding school. Forward, June 2019

A legendary rabbi and principal learned that a teacher had physical relationships with students – 23 years before firing him. Forward, September 2018

Why do Jewish American teenagers join the IDF? Forward, May 2018



Beto O’Rourke keeps bringing up Nazi Germany. But no one is calling him out like they did over AOC’s “concentration camp” comments. Forward, October 2019.

What it’s like to be a rabbi in Parkland, Florida, in February 2018. Forward, February 2018

Confederate monuments are being torn down — so why are there no monuments to the Jewish Confederate? Forward – August 20, 2017

23andMe’s latest theory about Jews? That they’re descended from Khazars. Wait, who? Forward, August 29, 2017


Synagogues, coast to coast!

A respected synagogue hired its first female head rabbi, and it’s a real sign of progress. Forward, April 2019

A Hebrew Israelite congregation needs money to rebuild their destroyed synagogue. Where can they get it? Forward, January 2019

A local Chabad chapter wanted a synagogue’s building. So they took over the board, with the board’s help. Forward, August 2018

An unremarkable synagogue was made a landmark against its will. In order to survive, they need the designation overturned. Forward, August 2018


The wide world of Orthodoxy

Before Passover, domestic workers in ultra-Orthodox homes face their longest weeks of the year. Forward, April 2019

You’ve heard of the Thanksgiving Turkey Drop. Introducing Chabad’s Hanukkah helicopter gelt drop. Forward, December 2018

Mahwah, New Jersey: A sleepy town that targeted Hasidic Jews with anti-Semitic laws. Forward, November 26, 2017

An ex-Orthodox woman said another ex-Orthodox man assaulted her. Then two more women said the same. Forward, September 2017