Ari Ephraim Feldman, Journalist


I am a digital reporter for NY1 — your borough, your news! — where I cover the pandemic, senior issues, child welfare and environmental issues. Before that I was staff writer for the Forward, the nonprofit Jewish news outlet, where I covered a wide range of national and local issues.

I live in Manhattan, and I was born and raised in Minnesota, which for all you New Yorkers is the one in the middle, at the top, with the little chimney. (I’m from St. Paul, not the chimney.)

I graduated with honors from the University of Chicago, where I wrote for the wonderful and groundbreaking South Side Weekly. 

Hobbies include cooking, dancing, collage and travel whenever possible — that’s me in Tel Aviv on the left, and the top photograph is one I took in Patagonia.

Got tips? Contact me at, or via the encrypted messaging app Signal, at 862 239 4949. 


Awards and recognition

Stanley Rosenfeld spent nearly fifty years teaching Jewish children – and admitted to molesting hundreds. Winner of the New York Press Club’s 2019 Nellie Bly Cub Reporter award. Forward, August 2018

Someone left a Torah scroll from a lost Jewish community in Europe at a Goodwill in southern Virginia. How did it get there? Winner of the American Jewish Press Associations 2020 Boris Smolar Award for Investigative Reporting. Forward, November 2019

Jersey City’s Hasidic community was modest, tight-knit and growing. Then two assailants attacked its grocery store, killing five people. Winner of the 2020 Deadline Club award for breaking news. Forward, December 2019.


The pandemic and the protests

What you need to know about getting the vaccine in New York City. NY1, January 2021

Low supply forces city vaccine distribution points to fully shut down for part of the week. NY1, February 2021

Why are some Manhattan seniors having a much easier time than their peers getting the vaccine? NY1, January 2021

The story of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Donald Trump’s (false) prophet of hydroxychloroquine. Forward, May 2020

Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed a Hasidic funeral procession on “the Jewish community.” But the NYPD helped plan it. Forward, April 2020

Black Jews have a message for white Jews: Change your relationship to the police. Forward, June 2020

A Black church and an Orthodox synagogue are searching for their shared history in a once-integrated Baltimore neighborhoodForward, August 2020


National stories

A historian split with Brandeis University’s academic press over how to talk about the roles white Jews have played in reinforcing white supremacy. Forward, December 2020

How a big-hearted insurance magnate doomed his legacy project: the world’s only pluralistic Jewish boarding school. Forward, June 2019

Confederate monuments are being torn down — so why are there no monuments to the Jewish Confederate? Forward – August 20, 2017

You’ve heard of the Thanksgiving Turkey Drop. Introducing Chabad’s Hanukkah helicopter gelt drop. Forward, December 2018